Fattoria di Montechiari is a place surrounded by nature in the hills of Lucca where indelible memories can be created, where every sip of wine is an invitation to celebrate life’s most beautiful moments.

Every occasion becomes special when shared with loved ones, especially when accompanied by our deeply authentic wines.

Guided tours

Explore the process behind every bottle of Montechiari, starting from the care of the vineyards, through skilful winemaking techniques to balance and elegance in every glass.

Immerse yourself in the heart of our production and stroll through the historic vineyards, guided by our experts, who will take you through the wine-making process, from the enrichment of the grapes to the vinification and ageing.

You will enjoy an engaging experience that will allow you to appreciate and fully understand the craftsmanship that sets us apart. Our tasting experiences are designed to satisfy both experienced wine enthusiasts and novices, offering a sensory journey through Fattoria di Montechiari.